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July 27, 2014
Hosts: Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and Jerry Gordon


“Amalgamation of Jihadists: Pathological Movement”

Lisa Benson discussed with Clare Lopez the advancement of IS, formally known as ISIS. With estimates of 50,000 to 100,000 in Northwest Iraq on the run, the horrific atrocities of the army of the Islamic State are discussed.
Clare Lopez announced that the IS/ISIS were trained by the United States in Jordan…
Lisa Benson also interviewed journalist, Constitutional Attorney, Matthew Hausman. Matthew is an expert on anti Semitism and alerts the American Jewish Community to the warnings of hate crimes and potential terrorist threats to the American Homeland and to the Jewish Community in particular.


“Israel Under Attack with Member of Knesset Dr. Nachman Shai”

Interview with Member of the Knesset, Dr. Nachman Shai:
This is a different war, on the Israeli homefront. All credit for saving lives go to IRON DOME. 90% of rockets intercepted. The United States financial support is what is saving lives. Is it possible to destroy Hamas in Gaza? Response: You can’t destroy an ideology like Hamas, but you can dismantle them. The people of Gaza are also in the middle. Israel is NOT DOING TO SURRENDER. Rockets are coming from Gaza, Syria, and Lebanon. The people of Israel are UNITED in their RESOLVE to FINALLY rid the Middle East – and EVERYONE is supporting the Prime Minister of Israel. Prime Minister is trying to avoid civilian causalities in GAZA.


Lisa Benson Radio Show in Jerusalem: Special Investigation – Living on the Front Lines

FEATURED VIDEO - Lisa Benson Radio Show in Jerusalem: If Jews Can’t Live in Jerusalem, Where Can They Live? Part One of Five.

Lisa Benson Radio Show in Jerusalem: Rachel’s Tomb Arab Attack

Lisa Benson Radio Show in Jerusalem: Interview with American Volunteer IDF Soldier, Zach Huff

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