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“NEVER AGAIN MEANS NEVER AGAIN”: #SaveKobane #SupportTheKurds



“The Peshmerga Kurdish Fighters: The ONLY Trusted Ground Force Fighting ISIS For Western Civilization”


“The Clarion Call For America: Innocents On The Front Lines of Barbarism”

Oklahoma, Syria, Kurds, Iraq
It’s Global Jihad


Special Guests:
Ryan Mauro, The Clarion Project
Dr. Sherkoh Abbas, President, Kurdish National Assembly

On this broadcast, Ryan Mauro concisely explains the many fractions fighting in Syria and the global connectedness of the Global Jihad and how it elevates the terrorist threat to the United States.

Ryan Mauro is a counter-intelligence analyst who is frequently seen on FOX NEWS.  He also gives an update on the Oklahoma beheading.

This Broadcast Is Dedicated To
Timothy J. Godwin
Serving Our Nation in Iraq

“Qatar’s Influence Over Washington, DC: US Lawmaker’s Turn Blind Eye On Kurds”

The Kurds, a peaceful people, are Pro-West, Pro-Israel, largely Sunni Muslim, with their own language and culture, have no ability to fight off the powerful Jihadist army of IS/ISIS.
This week, US law makers passed a continuing resolution to fund the Untied States government, including an amendment to fund arming the FREE SYRIAN ARMY.
The House passed legislation on Wednesday to fund the government until December 11, moving the bill to avoid government shutdown and to address Islamic State.
The podcast addresses the FALSE assertion that the FREE SYRIAN ARMY are the moderates of the Middle East — in fact, they are Al Qaeda, Al Nusrah, and Muslim Brotherhood.
Dr. Sherkoh Abbas, Maj. General (ret) Ernie Audino, and Ilana Freedman, Counter-Terrorism Expert.





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