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“Qatar’s Influence Over Washington, DC: US Lawmaker’s Turn Blind Eye On Kurds”

The Kurds, a peaceful people, are Pro-West, Pro-Israel, largely Sunni Muslim, with their own language and culture, have no ability to fight off the powerful Jihadist army of IS/ISIS.
This week, US law makers passed a continuing resolution to fund the Untied States government, including an amendment to fund arming the FREE SYRIAN ARMY.
The House passed legislation on Wednesday to fund the government until December 11, moving the bill to avoid government shutdown and to address Islamic State.
The podcast addresses the FALSE assertion that the FREE SYRIAN ARMY are the moderates of the Middle East — in fact, they are Al Qaeda, Al Nusrah, and Muslim Brotherhood.
Dr. Sherkoh Abbas, Maj. General (ret) Ernie Audino, and Ilana Freedman, Counter-Terrorism Expert.


“The Islamic State: Estimates Now Have Recruits at 50,000″


Why Are There JIhad Training Camps in the United States?


#ShameOnTomHorne! #ShameOnSheriffJoe# #ArizonaInTrouble!

Lisa Benson interviewed Nidra Poller in order to bring a global issue of “Lethal Narrative” and how false narratives are shaping national security policy in United States communities. Arizona Attorney General, under FIVE investigations, came on the broadcast to defend his support for the Islamist Charter School movement, The Gulen Charter School Movement currently under investigation by the FBI. Well, Tom Horne is under investigation and so are the cronies who have supported him. A riveting broadcast; a broadcast that may alter the Primary in Arizona and a broadcaster that was blindsided — Lisa was not only blindsided, but she was angry – she has said on Facebook and Twitter (@SecureUSATalk) that she felt that she was sitting across from Barack Obama. Attorney General Horne was totally disengaged during the broadcast explaining how Turkish supremacy has taken root in approximately 150 schools across America – that is using tax payer dollars to promote a “stealth jihad.” Listen and spread the news on how this man should never run for any office in America. .and #ShameOnSheriffJoe for supporting him…cronies walk hand in hand.




Lisa Benson Radio Show in Jerusalem: Special Investigation – Living on the Front Lines

FEATURED VIDEO - Lisa Benson Radio Show in Jerusalem: If Jews Can’t Live in Jerusalem, Where Can They Live? Part One of Five.

Lisa Benson Radio Show in Jerusalem: Rachel’s Tomb Arab Attack

Lisa Benson Radio Show in Jerusalem: Interview with American Volunteer IDF Soldier, Zach Huff

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